Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The cast is on!

Today was the big day, and now Bella has a real cast on her arm. I'll give you just one guess as to what color she picked! She is much more mobile in this cast, even though it is heavy. When we first were leaving, she wanted the sling back on because her arm was hurting after having to move it some to get it set for the cast. But by this evening, playing with some friends, she was running all over the place with no sling, just cast. This giant, neon-pink invader of our household... I'll have to get her to name it tomorrow so I don't feel so resentful towards it! She does have several signatures on it already, so that makes it a little friendlier...

Those who know Bella know that she does not have a shy bone in her body. I really don't think the girl has ever been nervous about anything in her life so far. So, at the age of 4 3/4, she was completely side-swiped by the nerves that hit her today with this casting. Of course, when she fell and we had to go to the hospital, she was nervous, but the shock from the injury overpowered any nervousness. Today she was hungry, but kept telling me her stomach was really hurting, and by the time we got home she was really shaky. But my Mom was here for it, and all it took was sitting on Nanny's lap for about 10 minutes to clear it all up. I kept telling her that what she was feeling was because she was nervous and that it would go away, but I'm not sure she believed me until it did. Then she jumped up and said, "Mama, I feel a lot better! I think I settled down! I can eat now!"

She did such a great job at the hospital. Of course, she talked the RN's ear off, and because of that we found out that she grew up with one of our dear, wonderful friends. So that gave us all
something to talk about. And when she was all done, Lauren, the RN, gave her some of her very own, all-natural trail mix for a treat (Bella was asking for a treat, but couldn't have the nasty junk suckers that they had to give out). For those who don't know, along with food allergies that limit what she can eat, I keep them away from most artificial things as much as I can.
My favorite saying - "You are what you eat. Don't be artificial."

That aside, I have a baby boy who just woke up hungry, so I'll cut this a little short...

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