Thursday, September 24, 2009

August Knows How To Soar

August didn't just fly on by for us, it soared high. Now September is nearly gone, and summer is officially at an end. This summer was exceptional for us, which is why I haven't been posting. There were so many more important things to do. There still are more important things to do, but I have been itching to post, and I need to scratch that itch. It is like one of those itches that lurks right in the middle of your back, and since no one else is going to scratch it any time soon, it's all up to me to get out that long, wooden, hand-shaped back scratcher and go to town...
Summer for us has been:

A fun group trip with wonderful friends to a local sheep farm.

Lots of garden harvesting (and eating, of course).

Baby knitting (on the needles is the matching hat, since finished). Big kid knitting, too - I'm working on Bella's Easter dress, to be followed by the boys' Easter vests in coordinating cotton.

A growing belly size and baby kick strength.

Pool, pool, pool...
A boy turning 4, complete with blueberry cake.
A princess turning 6, complete with castle cake.

Lots of potty-dumping :-), with a mostly-naked boy 90% of the time.
And a bunch of household projects, due to the hubby being home - my favorite being our new, awesome, totally organized craft closet!
We were blessed with glorious weather all summer, and enjoyed every minute of it. Now the days are cool and breezy, and we've had to dig out our long pants and shirts and put on socks once more. Yep, Autumn is here in full, and we're loving every minute of it. I'm digging out the alpaca and wool for knitting, I'm shooting lots of Senior portraits for my niece and some of her friends, and I'm counting the days until I have to harvest my ton of sweet potatoes, one of the few things that actually grew AND prospered in my garden this year. I'm all set to prepare for a cozy winter and start nesting for this new little one that will be coming our way. It's quite wonderful. I hope your turn of seasons is offering the same quiet comfort for you!