Saturday, March 6, 2010

Helena's First Photo Shoot

This past week, with Helena at 3 weeks old, I finally took the time to sit down with her while she was awake and snap a million pictures. It started off with her on my lap, making a ton of fun faces.

I just love this girl's expressions.

Already, the eyebrows lend so much feeling to the expression.

Then big big big sister dropped in for a kiss.

Don't you just love that face??? Next it was big big brother, which was a little better.

Then big brother...

And at that point the kisses were tolerable. We moved on to hiccups, which are crazy strong for her. There is no wondering now why/how they shook my entire belly before she was born.

The hiccups can always be helped with some serious Mama lovin', though. Thanks to Kane, that was captured perfectly.

Once Kane got in on the pics, Max had to try, too, and this is what he took.

I love this picture. I call it Love In Focus. I love that my hand is in focus, while we are not. It is love that becomes the focus of the photo, the emotion that resonates. It is perfect. There were so many more pictures taken of all four children. I'll share them at a later time. There are too many for this one post. And if you're wondering, Bella was too busy reading to join in on the fun of taking pictures... Surprise, surprise... But we had much fun taking photos that day. I hope tomorrow to take some time for another photo shoot. I have tons of ideas, and I haven't taken a picture of her perfect little feet yet! Darn winter. But we may be outside too long to have the time. Which I will be quite alright with. Today we ended the day with everyone in the bath having sand in various locations. I love it.