Monday, November 24, 2008

Photoshoot, Take Four

This will be the last of my photo shoot posts. After the shoot in my last post for my friend Judy, I made a stop home to nurse my littlest and ran back out to meet my friend Crysta and her family. I have to admit I was a little nervous about this one. I had never tried to photograph a family as large as hers before. There are 8 in her family (although the oldest couldn't make it), nine if you include our best doggy buddy Luci who we dog sit when Crysta is away. But in the end I got a couple of good family shots and learned something new. I have a new favorite subject to photograph, and it's the male gender! Who'da thunk it. I have taken lots of photos of women and children, and it's usually quite easy, because they are emotional beings who wear there hearts on there sleeve. Not so with the gentlemen. So it is ever so gratifying to nab a shot of a man, be he grown or adolescent, that shows his true spirit, some raw emotion, because they hide that so well. But in a photograph there soul shows through more blatantly than I would have expected, and I love it. Oh, and a disclaimer: I edit my photos, usually having a natural coloration, a more antique coloration, and a black and white for each picture. Adam does NOT like the antique, he says it just looks like it was improperly exposed and it is washed out. I love it, I think it adds so much depth and character to the photo. I just didn't want anyone to think that I just took the picture wrong :-). Oh, and this post has a ton of pictures, because I wanted to include individual pics of everyone. All of the photos are on my Flickr site:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Photoshoot, Take Three

Okay, now for the third installment of my recent photo shoots. These were taken on Sunday the 26th of October. I ran down to my friend Judy's to do some photos of her and her family. I am having such a hard time chosing a small number of photos to put in these posts! There are just so many I love of each family, but here are my favorites of Wayne, Judy, Regan and Aidan!

There simply are way too many good ones! I'll stop adding here, but if you would like to see the full set, just check out my flickr site set of the entire photo shoot: I should have done the same with yesterdays, so here is a link to Shayla's family photos, also: Tomorrow we'll tackle the Bourdon family photos!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Photoshoot, Take Two

My good friend Shayla wanted some family pics for her Christmas cards this year, but she just wanted to be able to have them on disc to print herself. Enter me and my Canon Rebel XTi! I took tons of shots of her and her family, put them directly on to her computer, and gave her a copyright release form. It felt good to take tons of pictures of her family and provide her with all of those pictures - no set number, no set package, no set number of poses (my least favorite part about professional photographers). The following weekend I did the same for two other friends, and I am considering making it a business next summer... We'll see what happens. I love taking pictures of people, especially when I can capture the essence of a person in a photograph. So here are some of my favorite pictures from my photoshoot with David, Shayla, Briella and Jenna.

Photoshoot, Take One

This begins the first of my posts featuring my latest photo shoots. I will start with the photos I took of Baylee, the little girl I babysit, for her 2nd birthday. I took a couple of hours when she was here one day to take her outside and snap, oh, about one hundred pictures of her as a surprise for her mama, Christie. I can't believe she's two, and I wanted to commemorate that for Christie with some good pictures. We really had tons of fun, and I wanted to share some of them with you all. I have three other recent photo shoots that I will post next, if I can manage to chose favorite photos to post - I love them all! But I should have time to get to that now, since Dear Husband has stepped out of management (YEAH!) and is home for more than 12 waking hours a week now! I can't even begin to put our enthusiasm into words here. It is so nice to have him back, here to spend time with us for more than just that one day a week. Max hasn't let him out of sight or touch the last two mornings that he has been home, and of course Bella and Kane are making up for lost time. And I have been CLEANING, because I can without interuption! So, here are those pictures I promised before going off on that tangent, and I should have more up within the next couple of days, because I'll have time to with ADAM HOME!