Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ode to Grandfathers

I cannot say enough about grandfathers. They are the embodiment of unconditional love. It seeps through their pores and surrounds them like a glowing aura that grandchildren can feel in their core, and a camera can capture with a snap of a shutter. It is attached permanently to their souls, stitched on with a thread woven of their years of commitment to raising their children with an utmost care and solid determination. Their love is felt on a different plane than a father's love, because it is born not only of the God-given grace of grandchildren, but also of the pride of a daughter or son turned into a mother or a father. For them it is a love unlike any they have ever experienced before, and they cannot put into words how far it reaches. They may try - "I love you more than all the rain drops that fall from the sky" - but this truly does not touch its expanse.

A grandmother's love is no less, by any means, only expected - at least from a mother's point of view - because of the common bond of carrying and birthing a child. No less, just more maternal, instinctual, primal, and therefore taken advantage of. The love of a grandfather is unwavering, all-giving, and unexplainable, even by the greatest poets, to anyone who has never been blessed enough to be a grandfather himself. I, as a mother, cannot feel it, nor begin to grasp it in my soul as they do. One day I will hopefully know what it is to be a grandmother, but I will never see through my own eyes what it is to be a grandfather. I can only see it through the lens of my camera; in the glint in their eyes, the radiance of their smile, and the warmth of their heart as they gaze at their grandchildren. I am blessed by them and the love that they give, and I thank God that they grace the lives of my children.


gardenmama said...

Your babes surely do have some wonderful grandfathers. So do mine. We are blessed for sure (as are our babes). Great pictures, by the way. I love those candids!

Auntie Jen said...

You are so amazing. Three kids and babysitting another one and you still have time to have this wonderful website. I don't usually have time to get on the computer but when I do I try to check out your page. Your children are beautiful!!

NatureMama said...

Thanks, Jen! I am so glad that you get a chance to check out the blog and enjoy it. Honestly, this is my destresser, so I MAKE myself make time for it, because I enjoy it. And I get too little sleep as a result!