Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

I had to take a quick moment to share some pictures of my sleeping beauty. Everyone here was feeling sub-par today. Kane is a bit of a sleep fighter, so with Max at the end of a cold and not sleeping well, and Bella fevered and needing extra attention, he didn't get the time he needed from me to fall asleep. So by 3:30 the poor guy just couldn't hold on any longer, and this is how I found him. I spent 10 minutes or so taking pictures, experimenting with my new-found knowledge of my camera functions (I'm finally studying up on the DVD tutorial that came with it), trying to get just the right shot. I finally got that shot, after messing with the white balance and changing the focal points, but I'm not including it here. The reason? I was standing on our TV stand, hanging over the TV taking some beautiful close-up shots when I noticed that he must have been messing with markers or somehow still have some blueberries from breakfast on his fingers. Strange... Then I picked him up to lay him down on the couch, and four lovely-colored violet fingers quickly turned back to pink, living flesh. Now, after all that work to get the right shot, all I see is a big ol', purple, circulation-deprived finger. It's just kind of gross, to be honest, and I wonder how in the world he slept through them turning that numb and then waking back up. Takes me back to my childhood days when I got a rubberband stuck around my finger and was afraid to tell Mom about it. That purple color and the pain eventually got me over my fear....

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