Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Salute

Yesterday (okay, it USED to say Today, but that was yesterday, and I didn't get it done), Shutter Sisters asked us to browse our archives to find some long-forgotten treasures. I am way ahead here, as I have been forced to dig in deep lately to salvage memory before my computer lost it's temper with me in a bad way. Since it is Father's Day, I thought I would quickly share some of those precious few pictures I have of Papa with the kids. With his one day off a week and crazy work hours the other days, I tend to spend any time we have with him just enjoying our family life, and rarely pick up the camera on those days. But here are some of my favorite pictures of him. They may not be the best shots photographically speaking, but the importance of them is in higher focus than the quality here. Adam is a wonderful father to our children. He works so hard to provide the life we have. He includes them in all the work that he does around the house, building so many memories for them. He goes to horse shows with us, even though it means he'll end up sneezy and miserable. He piles them all on a skateboard to ride down a huge hill. He is always up for adventures, big and small, and always ready to teach a lesson (see the lever/fulcrum made out of an old ironing board and box of trash bags picture at the bottom). He always has someone on his shoulders. He plays along with a transformer birthday and gifts of Mousetrap and a Transformer of his own (very carefully picked out by the kids). He is ALWAYS up for snuggling. And my goodness, I love the way my babies look at him, and look when they're with him. There is a peace when he is around, even in the midst of excited chaos. He is our PAPA, and we love him for what he is and what he brings to our lives.

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