Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Little Big Girl

Bella will be turning SIX in three months (and one day, but who's counting, right?). I can't call her my little girl, because I get in trouble for that, so I call her my little BIG girl. And here's the proof that the "big" is justly included...

Yep, that's a loose tooth down there. She called me from Pap and Nanny's house a few weeks ago, thrilled beyond belief that she had a LOOSE TOOTH! Her friend had recently lost her first tooth, so Bella was totally ready. And here's some more proof that she really is big... That picture was taken just before she left with her GiGi, aunt, uncle and cousin for a weekend trip to North Carolina. I just knew that this tooth would not be there anymore when she comes home on Monday. And I was right. She called from NC to tell me excitedly that her tooth fell out in the car in Virginia. And to think just yesterday we decided she could go along to see her Uncle Lucian (Mikey to most of us) perform in CATS. She prepared and packed all of her clothes. Here she is, all dressed to go on "the biggest trip of her life."
And here she is waiting nervously for the family to arrive. After breakfast, she was strapped in and on her way.

A little nervous about going so far away, but more excited. So, this weekend, my little big girl went for her longest car trip, the farthest she has ever been away from me, lost her first tooth, went to two new states, saw the mountains for the first time, went to Aunt Emily's and Uncle Alex's house for the first time, AND saw her first Broadway show (the white cat was her favorite :-)), all without Mama. And if I went into detail about how I'VE been handling it all, I would be here all night. Let us just say that my girl is having a ball and dealing well. This Mama left behind... not so much. Although I am enjoying the time with my boys, I miss my little big girl, and I can't wait to see her, one less tooth and all, and here all of the stories she'll have to tell. I plan on letting here do some posts to share the pictures that she takes. So stay tuned for my girl's first blog posts!

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renee @ FIMBY said...

AH... so sweet. My 10 year old is about to leave for a 10 day trip to visit her Nana & Papa, her first ever - I know how you feel!