Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She's 5!

It is official. My little girl is 5. Her big day was this past Sunday, and what a party she had. She wanted a hula party, which was tons of fun. We always make everything ourselves, so for the invitations I drew a hula dancer and we found a great web site that taught us the proper words to invite all the family in Hawaiian. It is such an interesting language, and it was fun to learn some key words for the party. For once I didn't overdo the activities, so all were able to relax and have fun and play. The majority spent a lot of time outside, during which time my Mom and I were inside making grass skirts out of green duct tape and streamers (trust me, EVERYONE had to have a grass skirt). But we heard how much fun everyone was having, and peaked out the kitchen windows from time to time to see all of the big "kids" teaching the little kids how to really do the trampoline. I think Adam's back is still sore.
I found a good Hawaiian cake recipe, topped with pineapple and cream frosting, which was quite yummy, and we decorated it with pretty flowers. Can you believe there was not a hula girl to be found here in Marietta? What happened to the hula girl on the dash board of the car? I checked all the automotive departments. Nothing. Apparently all the hula girls have evolved into a smelly palm tree that hangs from the rear-view mirror. "Maybe in spring," said the lady at the craft store while looking at me as though I had lost my mind, "but we're selling Christmas decorations now." Which makes a lot of sense to me... Because nothing says riding out the end of summer in style than stocking up on Christmas decorations in September. Why is everyone in such a hurry to get rid of summer? I, personally, am not ready to let it go yet.
We nibbled on fresh pineapple, papaya and coconut all day to top off the hawaiian feast. And of course, we sang happy birthday, or should I say "Hau`oli la Hanau," to Bella, who then blew out her 5 candles like a pro.
Everyone gathered round to sing and wait for cake and ice cream in their grass skirts.

Yes, I know, Pap didn't get a grass skirt, and neither did Maxwell. You would be surprised how much streamer it takes to make that many grass skirts, and I underestimated. There was enough left for Max, but we assumed he would just eat it if we gave him one. Uncle Bubby and Buck wore theirs on their heads.

Bella received a slew of great gifts. Here is my monkey, using her feet to hold the chimp that I got for her while she opened it. You have to spread the toes just so to hold a present up.
And the day was a hit simply because nothing can make a Mama happier than to see her daughter with this look on her face.

She did this every time she opened a gift. I love it. So my girl is 5, and I'm okay with it. She is becoming her own self more and more all the time, and I am loving getting to know who she is and will be. She is a remarkable daughter, a wonderful big sister, and she is my little best friend.

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