Friday, September 12, 2008

I've been tagged

I have been tagged by a friend with a 100 Things meme (just a list of 100 random things about me). I have been working on the list for awhile now, but there's no way I'm getting to 100 any time soon. So I'm starting out here, and will add to it in the future.

1. I always sit at my computer with my left leg hiked up, resting against the arm of our computer chair. My leg has a permanent indent on the side of my left shin to prove it.

2. Music affects my mood greatly. When down, all I need to do is put on some music to lift my spirits. Problem is, sometimes I forget this, but it always comes back to me when I need it most.

3. I desperately want to move away from town, and soon! Adam and I are both wanting some land under our feet again!

4. I love to sing. Sure, I can carry a tune alright, but I don't have a trained voice or anything spectacular to claim. But I LOVE to sing.

5. I love my family. I don't think I could survive living any farther away from MY family (Mom, Dad, brother and fam) than I already do, which is 1 hour. I also would NOT want to live any farther from Adam's family. Right now we're 2 hours from them, and it's too much, because I love them, too. If it were up to Adam, we'd probably live in CA or someplace else out west. He's a bit less rooted.

6. I don't watch Max as closely as I watched Bella or Kane. I cloth diaper, and the other day, when putting my dipes in the wash, I opened a dirty one and found a sticker Max had eaten: GOOD JOB! it told me, as if I needed reaffirmation.

7. I practiced EC (elimination communication) with Kane, and he was in undies by the age of 2. I have been working with Max a little here and there, just to get both of us used to each other's cues, and several mornings ago he had his first poo in the potty. Yeah, Max!

8. I am quite obsessed with my camera right now. I've had my Canon Rebel XTi for 4 months, and am nutty about learning all of the functions and what I can do with it. Check out my pics at .

. I have a folder with all of the photos I have taken since I got my camera (minus, of course, any not worthy of transferring to the computer). I checked it, and it contains 2, 141 files... Whoa.

10. I used to be really organized about my pictures, labelling and putting in albums with each roll of film developed. Since Max has come along, I have huge stacks of pictures on top of my piano that aren't labelled, and I have no albums to put them into right now... I really need to get on that. The plus is that my computer tells me what day I took each picture :-). That makes it a bit easier!

11. Right now, I have a big red lump on the bridge of my nose, thanks to Max and his quickness of hand. Dollhouse bookshelves can be dangerous weapons.

12. The kids and I are hooked on America's Got Talent. I know, pathetic. We watch very little TV, but this is one thing that I don't mind they watch, other than movies we own, because I can watch with them, and they get all excited about what instruments they want to play when the grow up and all that jazz. Many of the stories are inspirational, and I make sure they don't see anything they shouldn't.

13. Right now I am listening to the announcer for the Marietta College Pioneer baseball team out my window. And someone was just talking in their sleep...

14. Bella is having a hula birthday party this year. We found a great website that allowed us to do her invitations in Hawaiian, and we're going to try to learn some words/phrases for the big day. I am loving Hawaiian. What a beautiful (and simple) language!

15. I have spent the last two days spending some much needed time with my friends, and it has rejuvenated me. I am going to post this and go clean my kitchen!!! I love my friends!


gardenmama said...

I'm glad you decided to do this, too! Those are some good things so far. It's hard to come up with 100 things, isn't it? I'm only to 30. And by the way, your friends enjoy your company, too! I know I do, anyway.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Hello darling.

I knew all of these. Not really, but almost.
Just catching up to say that I adore your photography and your sensitivity to light. Keep it up. It's so good to see these babies grow and hear your thoughts in this wonderful forum.