Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Food For The Soul

Sometimes there are days that we need to recover from. Maxwell and I are in recovery. Yesterday was especially our recovery day. We did a lot of sleeping and resting. We had a hectic Labor Day weekend expected, with parades, lunches, birthday parties, family reunions (etc., etc.) planned. Then Max's illness and 2 deaths added chaos to the already chaotic. Saturday was mad crazy running, and we even opted out of the lunch with Max fevered. Then we drove to Hannibal to attend the viewing for my sister-in-laws wonderful grandmother, who passed away Thursday evening. What a dear, wonderful, powerfully strong woman she was. She will be deeply missed.

Sunday was our family get-together for my dad's side of the family. I look forward to this day all year long. I love my family, and can't wait to catch up with them and spend a relaxing day eating good food, playing games, and talking, talking, talking. This year wasn't quite as relaxing, with Max still fevered. The poor little guy was dragged along through all of it. I guess that comes along with being the third child, but it still makes me feel bad. He would only let me and my dad hold him, and was just miserable.

Monday came with viewings for my Uncle Bobby, and his funeral Tuesday morning. Technically he was my great uncle, but with my mom being an only child, he was just as an uncle to me. There are so many fond memories of him for all of his nieces and nephews, and great nieces and nephews. It was a sad day. And of course, through it all, Max still felt terrible. So Tuesday, Max and I left Bella and Kane with Nan and Pap and headed home for some time by ourselves. On the way we were going to stop at my cousin's house to see her new Koi pond, and I decided to take the scenic route. Having spent so many days reminiscing about growing up, I wanted to drive OH SR 536, one of my favorite roads to drive in my hometown. It was by no means a short-cut to my cousin's. In fact, it was more like a long-cut. But it was food for the soul that I was after, for once not worrying about miles, gas and cost. I needed the drive to refresh my spirit, to have some quiet time, with Max snoozing behind me, to reflect on the weekend and it's happenings. I was tired, worn and hungry. Hungry for times simpler, and a connection to my heritage. So I drove, stopping here and there to snap a picture, to the complaints of Max, who likes his cars moving, not stationary.

Muggy summer vistas, pastures, round bails, winding roads, old barns, heifers, horses... These are the things that make my soul sing. The pictures are by no means my best. But I wanted to share with you these things that can fill an emptiness for me. I would love to hear what can do this for you - what takes you back to your youth and brings you closer to your core. Feel free to share them with us by commenting on this post. I hope you have some quiet time to reconnect with your soul sometime soon.


gardenmama said...

I looove a good sleepy barn, or field full of aminals (be it horse, cow, deer, whatever). I also love a crisp afternoon of leaves in the Fall. Good stuff.

roseymama said...

How wonderful:-)
Right now my soul needs a rolling ocean, the smell of banyans, a double hammock (with my husband beside me), a fruity drink, and a good book....hmmm I may have to make do with memories! LOL:-P

NatureMama said...

Oooo, I do love autumn leaves, also. Adam had a secluded apartment when I was in college, and the grounds keeper would leave the leaves on the ground on his sidewalk for me until he had to sweep them for the supervisor... My soul is aching for the ocean, also, Jenny. And Bella talks of going to the beach all the time. I think I may even try to find a day-trip-able lake with a "beach" just to give them the experience of playing in the sand and water until we can do a real beach.