Saturday, May 1, 2010

Broughton Hike

With today being another beautiful mid-80s day, we went to Broughton Nature Preserve, our favorite summer-time haunt. Adam took the frisbees to do some disc golfing, and we spent hours hiking and playing. While he and the older two climbed to the first tee, Laini and I hung out with Max for a bit while she nursed.

Not the best composition on this pic, but I had to share it, because of the look on Max's face. Right at this moment, he is saying, "WOW! MOON!!!" because the light reflecting in the lens opening looks like a moon.

Helena did a little bit of napping...
...a little bit of putting up with Mama's relentless head-smooching (a direct result of being in a wrap all day)...

...some riding through murky, mucky water, thanks to big brother's ceaseless stomping in said water...

...and loads of finger chewing.

Ah, that's the life.

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