Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sweet Woods Relief

Ah, this was the day I have been needing. Being 46 degrees helped the situation, because it was less work getting us all out the door and there, but had it been 20 it still would have had to happen. We've spent plenty of time lately outside, in the snow, at our house, building a lean-to against the swing set, sledding, building snow men, sliding and swinging in the snow, gathering sticks for kindling... Somehow it just hasn't been enough, though. My soul has been needing a good, long romp in the woods, and our in-town life doesn't lead to that unless we go there. Some of our best friends moved to New York this last autumn, and with them went our easy weekday hiking trips, because I just can't be taking the kids out in the woods by myself at the end of a pregnancy. So it comes down to weekends, and we've been spending those other ways. Not today. The kids played in the yard for a good while earlier today, but after Max's nap we headed off to Broughton Nature Preserve to go "mudding." Our idea of mudding???
Running in the mud:

Tromping in the mud:

Throwing things in the mud:

Digging in the mud:

The high creek volume sent us off of our usual hiking trail and up over the hill to explore part of another trail. We had a blast climbimg on and digging in a fallen tree,

then went off of the trail at the suggestion of Kane and ended up spending the rest of the time climbing, as Adam's quick climb up a favorable pine

sent us into a full-blown "how to climb trees the proper way" seminar by my awesome husband.
After the initial run-through, it was hard to keep Kane down long enough to give anyone else a turn.

And he wasn't the only one to take right to it. Max got his lesson, then spent the rest of the time climbing up and down a set of limbs he found easy enough to navigate himself.

Bella got as far as Papa's hands could take here then said she just couldn't do it anymore. She is a world of difference from those brothers of hers.

But in the end, when we headed for a fallen tree to climb and balance on, she found her long arms and legs worked pretty well to get her where she needed to be, and when she was done we had her changing from "I can't do this!" to "I think I can," which went right along with the lessons we've been working with her on optimism and having a positive attitude.

We had a wonderful day, everyone was much happier as it all ended (yes, including me, perhaps even especially me), and I just had to share it on here. The smell of detritus, fungus and good old dirt was invigorating, and I've caught myself several times this evening breathing big sighs of relief and relaxation. Tomorrow I believe it is supposed to rain, which will smell good, too. And we'll be working on finding the baby's cradle a spot in our room. I can't wait to strap the new baby to me, all warm and cozy next to me in a wrap, and take nice long hikes this spring. A new baby to play in the dirt with this summer.... Heaven.


Julie Zickefoose said...

Ah, yes, the smell of detritus, it calms me as well. You've perfectly captured the feeling of being away from nature for too long. As I have been away from your blog--and lo! there is another shining star on its way!
I can't believe how big Max is--two!! and how adorable those ringlets are on he and Kane, and how beautiful Bella is now. What a treat to see you all.

I know those yellow pants with the hairbrushes and combs on them. From somewhere.

Trisha said...

Hey Mama!

So glad to see you are posting again. The blogosphere is my favorite way to stay in touch during the cold winter months!

I'm very interested in hearing about your garden. I'm planning one myself (my first real attempt)!

Perhaps (depending on how big it becomes) I'll have a naming party/game on my bloggie blog as well. ;)

Enjoy the time with baby on the inside. It is such a blessed time.