Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quick Update

I have been way too focused on getting ready for this baby to get on here and post. I think I started nesting at about 6 months this time :-), and have been going through every room of this house with the idea that it will be awhile before the detailed things get done again, like cleaning the top of the kitchen cupboards and thoroughly cleaning under our bed. Last weekend we got all of the baby clothes unpacked, washed and put away, which also included moving Max's clothes to Bella's dressers in the bedroom, so that was a big project. Tomorrow we will be finding a place for the baby's cradle in our room and I will feel a little less unprepared. I have focused a lot of time on knitting for the baby also. I have some fun knee socks done that I will post a picture of soon because I want to get the pattern on here for some friends. Right now they are on Addy, our Lee Middleton doll, who has been the main plaything around here right now. Max just loves taking care of her - she even went to the store with us today and pooped in her diaper 10 times in a row yesterday.

In honesty, I feel really disconnected right now, and don't even feel like I have words to put in this post. I just wanted to spend an evening doing something that wasn't a required task because I'm pretty burned out. I've been moody as can be and am really trying to just stay centered. A lot of focus has come lately on getting the baby in the right position, also. For awhile she/he was fully posterior (baby's back against my spine, arms and legs out to my stomach), but with some work has been turning some.
I think I'll leave some snow pictures and pics from Max's 2nd birthday for anyone still checking this blog. Hopefully once the baby gets here I'll get my creative spark back and feel like keeping up with this more often. I'm sure sharing pictures of our new little one will be the push I need.

Max chose a farm birthday this year, which is no surprise seeing that Mu-Lambs are one of his favorite things. Thus the mu-lamb in his pocket:

And the joy at receiving a tractor:

His birthday cake had chocolate peanut butter for icing, which was the muddy pig sty.

It was a lot of fun. Max made sure he said "Thanks, everybody!!" I can't believe he's two...

We've had a decent amount of snow here, so the kids have had their share of sledding this year. Max loves flying down the big hill across the street from us, and has a blast going all by himself.
He especially likes falling off the sled at the bottom, which sends him into histerics. Bella does some sledding then moves on to better things, like gathering sticks and building forts. Kane could sled all day, and is now very skilled at steering (and bailing off of) our Flexible Fliers.

It's a big difference from last year, when Max definitely did NOT like sledding, and Kane was a little too leary to go by himself. Now we're having a bit of a warm spell here, and today the high will be in the high-40s. We're going to go on a nice muddy hike, burn off some energy, and hopefully get some sunshine before the next week of rain sets in. I'm loving winter, but have been planning the garden and looking at lots of pictures from last summer, so I'm starting to long for getting my hands in the dirt again... I'm sure once the baby is here that will give me something to focus on while waiting for spring :-)...


Anonymous said...

Gi Gi thinks maybe this one will get here before Feb. I told her maybe then if it comes early it will be the girl Bella so badly wants. Pap was wondering about the pictures you took with the leaves at the dam and over at Sister's? Give all a hug and kiss from here, Love ya!!!!!!!!!! Nan

Anonymous said...

After checking out this and getting Pap to come read, I thought I should look at the flickr' site, we had looked at it last nite, but it was just the babywearing pics. So disregard my earlier ? about the leaves pics. They are great. MOM