Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Auto Reply

I feel like I need to set up an auto reply for my life. It would go a little something like this:

Until further notice, Leslie will not be functioning at full capacity. Blog posts may be few and far between thanks to a temperamental computer that needs completely wiped clean and started fresh. Photos will not be updated at Flickr regularly (see above comment about stupid virus-ridden computer). Due to the garden in the back yard, which is the size of a small house, many tasks will not be completed until well after autumn harvest and canning/freezing is DONE. If you happen to live close enough to stop by, you are always welcomed, but do NOT expect a clean and tidy house for the next, oh, 17 years, give or take another child or two. And while Leslie is trying her hardest to stay impartial to what others may think about her shortcomings (which are probably all self-imposed and unrealistically imparted onto unsuspecting friends and family), she may be constantly apologizing for all above-mentioned issues, even though she is thrilled with where her life is. What she will NOT apologize for, however, is dishes half-done if it means nursing a cranky 1-year-old, or piles of mail unsorted if it means listening intently to a 3-year-old's in-depth 10 minute story, or bag-mountains of clothes and items to be taken to the storage unit if it means looking up the answer to a random question of an ever-curious 5-year-old.

If I could only record that and have it start off every conversation, every meeting with friends, every entry into a room 15 minutes late, every time my door opens to family or friends, maybe I wouldn't always feel like I'm falling short. I'm sure, with just that simple explanation of our everyday trials, most would never think all the things I think they do. Maybe my nerves wouldn't be quite as frazzled from not keeping up with the standards I keep for myself - standards that are not at all appropriate for a home-all-day, homeschooling group of Mama and 3 children under age 6 in a house with no maid, no usable storage space, no play room, no spare room to hide all of the embarrassing piles of stuff in, and a Papa gone 6 days a week from around 11 a.m. until around midnight.

Enough of the wallowing! I am going to go take my B-vitamins, brew a cup of chamomile and get to rearranging my living room space. But since my computer has finally let me upload all of my recent pictures off of my camera for the first time in 2 weeks (YAY!), I want to share a picture of our new "addition."
Out with the old:

In with the new:

Isn't she beautiful? What is surrounded with the orange fence was last year's plot, now planted with peas, beans, onions, lettuce and strawberry spinach. She still needs her walls secured against our friendly neighborhood deer and rabbits, which should happen tomorrow morning, but for the most part she's done. And I have to brag, because Adam and I did the entire fence in two days with a big 2-man auger, which means I am incredibly sore today... I think she needs a name. All suggestions are welcomed. Heck, let's make this a contest! Out of the whole handful of you who check these ramblings occasionally who haven't given up on me ever posting again, I challenge you to come up with a good name for my garden. Anything that beautiful deserves a fitting name, don't you think? Her name will be voted on by my panel of experts (Adam, the kids, and me :-)), and the winner will receive a big ol' virtual hug from me and a shout out on this very blog! Woo-hoo! Help me exceed my expectations (I'm thinking I'll get 2, maybe 3 comments). It's easy to comment, even if you never have before. Just click on the part right at the bottom of this post that tells the number of comments, write what you want to say, choose your identity (Name if you don't have a blogger account) and hit Publish your Comment. I know there is family out there who has never commented before but reads the posts. So bring on the name suggestions!!


jules said...

How about 'Our Bounty'?

Sarah said...

I just named the black widow that lives in my herb garden Roxanne. You know: "Roooooooxanne. You don't have to wear the red dress tonight." Get it? Well, I thought it was hilarious.

Anyway- how about "Yapashi?" According to The Place Names of New Mexico it's an Indian word meaning "place of the sacred enclosure."

mrs boo radley said...

I so have the perfect name for her...

It's derived from Latin hortus, meaning "garden":


Emily said...

This post is great! I love it! So right on with us busy mamas.
How about Beziwit? It is an Ethiopian name that means "one who become much". Does the winner get to glean from your garden???

Anonymous said...

Okay, Les, everyone has given you these well thought out, serious names. Sorry, but that's just not me. I would call it your "Pocketbook Protector", because we all know that for every trip you don't have to make to that blasted grocery store, the fatter your pocketbook gets. And, I like the play on "Pocket Protector". -Denise

Anonymous said...

From your dear, loving brother...
AKA P.I.T.A. (Pain in the A**). Sis's Pot Paradise,
The Pickle Factory,
Can't elope,
Lettuce, turnip and pea
quick pickens
der mater haven
dirt on my shirt
part lee
broc lee
veggie tables
cabbage patch kids
by gone
fresh fast food
carrot tops
the recycler
smellin mellons
onion funions
hoe down
merry edna
birds eye

just some ideas

NatureMama said...

Wow, our panel of experts my just have to leave the decision up to a random drawing because there are so many good ideas. We'll debate a little longer, see if anyone else responds, and get to our decision soon! Thanks for all the good ideas so far!

renee @ FIMBY said...

That garden is gorgeous! I have no names, just awe.

Leslie, don't apologize to anyone for your life - the choices you've made and the values you hold (engaged children vs. spotless home). The only time you need to apologize to someone or explain yourself is if you actually do or say something unkind, selfish (you know the drill) to someone.

Guaranteed: living your life with meaning and intention, holding onto your values and actually living by them - not just talking about them will offend or upset people. So be it. People are insecure when they see other people living the life they themselves want to live.

No need to apologize here especially - this is YOUR space.

Take care,

NatureMama said...

Renee, thank you SO much for your words of wisdom. I always gleen something important from your comments, and this one is no exception. You are right, and I need to remember it. I think I'll put it on my wall: "Living my life with conviction will offend and upset some people." Love it. I AM proud of our life and so so happy where I am. THAT is a wonderful feeling - if it weren't, I wouldn't be here. Thank you...