Sunday, May 17, 2009

And The Winner Is...

This has taken some major consideration, y'all. Everyone came up with great suggestions for my Name My Garden contest. I mean, she will definitely be Our Bounty, Jules, as well as our Pocketbook Protector, Denise. That's why I planted her! Sarah, I knew you'd come up with a good one, and Yapashi didn't disappoint! By the way, I LOVE Roxanne - cracks me up - can't wait to see some pictures of her! Hortensia - ooh, what a ring that has to it. Classy, Mrs. Boo Radley. Emily, I love the meaning of Beziwit, and love that it is an Ethiopian word. And don't you worry, I'll probably be pawning off extra harvest on you all summer! And Eric, my dear PITA, although all were ingenious, I have to say Bird's Eye is my favorite of your names - you had to remind me, but I do remember cooking "bird's eyes" for you when I was little :-). When it comes right down to it, I really wanted to go with something with a great meaning and a good feeling. Kind of like naming your baby or a new puppy - the name has to fit when you are looking at their faces. Well, I have looked at her face, and knowing in my heart that she is a "she" (I mean, come on, a male can't offer such fruitful bounty!), and after conferring with the fam, the big shout-out and virtual hug just have to go to.... drumroll, please.... Mrs. Boo Radley!!! It was such a close race, but Hortensia spoke to me and told me that is the name she wants in big black letters over her gate. So Hortensia it is! Right now, Hortensia is a fortress, as tonight's low is to be in the very low 30s - ARG! Way after the expected frost date for our area, and of course after I have all my tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, brussels, kale, cukes, etc. etc. planted out. AND after I moved all of my indoor plants out to my front porch and my herbs are all on the back deck... Big fat sigh. So tonight it took me 2 hours to find enough supplies to fortify my babies to keep them safe. But everyone should hold out for the night, and bright and early tomorrow morning I will have to take it all down and hose down my flower beds. It will all be worth it, even though it will be a late night preparing for Adam's return from a 5 day business trip to sunny Hollywood. He won't get here until 2 am, but the kids and I have a big Welcome Home party planned for him for the morning.

And my goal is for him to come home to a house with at least the important rooms nicely cleaned. So, while the brownies are most cruely smelling up the whole house (it would be noticed if they read "WE *heart* APA!," instead of "PAPA," in our fancy all-natural sprinkes on the top, wouldn't it...), I will be cleaning the counters and straightening the living room, waiting for our beloved Papa to get his rear home! I miss him! Thanks again for all of the name suggestions everyone!!!


GiGi said...

My dearest Leslie,
You are wonderful, phenomenal, amazing -- in short, unbelievable. You are everything I wish I had been and am still trying to be. You accomplish so much every day -- and with three young children. I do not know how you manage it all - your garden, your photos, your poignant, inspiring and delightful writing. You are my heroine and my model. I hope some day I can come close to who you are. I love you and admire you so much. GiGi.

NatureMama said...

Oh, Cecile, how touching. Thank you so much. I am kind of proud of always feeling like I fall a little short, because it is this that keeps me striving for improvement in all areas of my life, and I hope that will continue forever. I always want to be learning and improving, so I don't really feel like I deserve those wonderful things that you said... But they warm my heart, and I really do have the most wonderful mother-in-law in the whole wide world. I love you so much, too, and you inspire me in so many ways.