Sunday, February 8, 2009

Snow Day!

After our 60 degree day here in Marietta, I had to share some snow pictures from this season with you before our snow days are all gone! I try to make sure every day there is snow the kids get out in it, and me, too! I LOVE taking pictures in the snow. Here are some fun ones from our last few snow storms. I love them in their snow suits.

Kane is so easy to take pictures of. Here he is, worrying a little too much about something.

Then you have the happiness of having ran smack into our maple tree on the sled.

Sledding is a blast. The only time I took Max out, I didn't have my camera, but we went to Broughton Nature Preserve and went sledding with some friends down a trail hill. I must say, it was fast and fun (even with my brused tail bone still healing), and Bella and Kane loved it, but Max was cranky the entire time and didn't really like the sledding, either. I think it was just because he was hungry, but we have been doing most of our sledding when he's napping...

Every once in awhile I get a good, non-posed picture of Miss Bella.

Most of our snows haven't packed well enough to make snow men when we were out in them, but out of desperation we made a couple of small ones on the slide. They're in their bathing suits :-).

Snow angles are a must for all...

Then it's inside to warm up those rosy-red cheeks and sweaty heads.

I just love winter fun. I also love seeing the hints here and there that spring is really on its way. The days are getting longer, the angle of the sun's rays is changing slowly but surely, and the robins are coming back. My heart jumped when Bella said, on February 2nd, "Mama, I see a bunch of birds over there with red breasts. Are they robins?" I had to open the door to hear their voices, and they warmed my heart. I love, love, love winter, but I love to usher in every season. I will take some more snow days for sure, but I will be happy to welcome another spring as well. Welcome back robins, you have been sorely missed. Snow, rain, warm, cold, we will find a way to enjoy whatever is coming our way.

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mrs boo radley said...

Cute pics! Love the rosy cheeks and sweaty heads.

Can't wait for the birdies to come back. Spring is almost here!