Friday, November 14, 2008

Photoshoot, Take Two

My good friend Shayla wanted some family pics for her Christmas cards this year, but she just wanted to be able to have them on disc to print herself. Enter me and my Canon Rebel XTi! I took tons of shots of her and her family, put them directly on to her computer, and gave her a copyright release form. It felt good to take tons of pictures of her family and provide her with all of those pictures - no set number, no set package, no set number of poses (my least favorite part about professional photographers). The following weekend I did the same for two other friends, and I am considering making it a business next summer... We'll see what happens. I love taking pictures of people, especially when I can capture the essence of a person in a photograph. So here are some of my favorite pictures from my photoshoot with David, Shayla, Briella and Jenna.

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