Saturday, November 15, 2008

Photoshoot, Take Three

Okay, now for the third installment of my recent photo shoots. These were taken on Sunday the 26th of October. I ran down to my friend Judy's to do some photos of her and her family. I am having such a hard time chosing a small number of photos to put in these posts! There are just so many I love of each family, but here are my favorites of Wayne, Judy, Regan and Aidan!

There simply are way too many good ones! I'll stop adding here, but if you would like to see the full set, just check out my flickr site set of the entire photo shoot: I should have done the same with yesterdays, so here is a link to Shayla's family photos, also: Tomorrow we'll tackle the Bourdon family photos!


LadyElmo said...

You are such a great photographer. I am always in awe! You especially connect with children - catching the wonder and excitment of being a kid! When you get going, sign my family up!
Trisha :)

NatureMama said...

Thanks, Trisha! I would be so happy to photograph your family next spring/summer!