Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh my, it's August!!

And I haven't posted since July! Sad to say, we are just now all mended and well. After Bella broke her arm I was prepared for the inevitable "ER Virus" to take us all down, but I really wasn't expecting it to be as resilient and harsh as it was. Bella got it first, of course, as her little body was fighting so hard to heal her bone and her immune function was greatly diminished. It was ugly. There were 5 days of fever, followed by much snot, yet the worst of it was that she didn't ACT as though she was fevered. So there were 5 days of her obviously fighting this virus, and no extra sleeping or moping to pass the time. I had her in a tepid bath at one point to bring down the fever because it had peaked so high, and she was talking a mile a minute the entire time. So odd. And NOTHING that I hit it with helped (for those who don't know, we treat only homeopathically, and it usually works really well). Then Kane came down with it, on the evening of my wonderful friend Julie's birthday bash. After 2 hours there, and the party just really starting, Kane was lying on our blanket in the yard, fever steadily increasing, and we had to split. Bummer. I got it 3 days later, and he also gave me the conjunctivitis that he always seems to get when he's sick. His pink-eye went away quickly. Mine wasn't so nice. But he had many days with no sleep, because he could NOT move a single breath of air through his nose. And for some reason, my kids just won't breathe through their mouths while they sleep... But, now that we are all better, I'm just dying to get back to posting!

I have to share with you Maxwell's milestone now. My baby boy has officially joined the ranks of special, lucky babies who have eaten dried leaves and gagged on countless clovers and lived to tell the story. Here's how his exploration went:
Ooo, what's this over here?

Hey, look, it's grass!
This is tasty...

Let me try for something better.

Alright! A leaf!
I wonder if these are any good?
Kinda' crunchy. I should bite a piece off and eat it. I know she just LOVES it when she finds mysterious undigested objects in my diaper the next day!
And this same day, he spent some time in his Jumperoo outside while Kane and I cleaned out the cars. I LOVE dirty, smelly, sweaty summertime babies. And this was just perfect. He had to get washed in the sink before bed, and I had to let the water out and run fresh to rinse him with because he was so filthy. I LOVE IT! There's nothing better than a filthy-stinking-dirty baby foot...

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roseymama said...

i agree! (about the dirty, stinky, babies) i love the photos and so so so glad you are all feeling better!