Friday, February 12, 2010

Three Shining Stars Revised

So by now most of you who frequent this blog know that our fourth shining star arrived this past Monday, February 8th. Our Helena Anne (pronounced He-lai-na, not Helen-a or He-lee-na) graced us with her presence at 9:29 pm. Yes, that would be nearly 56 hours or so after time-able contractions started. Mind you, they were not strong contractions. I even slept through both nights just fine. But they were still working contractions, muscles and tendons continually doing work every 10-8 minutes for days, and I am beat. All well worth it, however. She was born at home into the hands of our wonderful midwife, and is perfectly healthy and lovely. She weighed in at 8 lbs. 12 oz. and was 21 inches in length. She is a wonderfully calm and restful baby.

Yes, eventually I will get around to changing my blog to include our fourth star. But for now, enjoy the new title pic with all four shining stars, and a few of miss Helena (loving called Lainey, although we're not sure yet how to spell that... Laney, Lainey, Laynee....).
Here she is, one day after birth, soundly sleeping.

Here she is, four days after birth, in one of her many quiet, reflective times throughout the day.
She is eyes wide open for 45 minutes, taking all in, and sometimes we get a good crooked grin.

We love her dearly, and I can't wait to share her stories with you here.


Trisha said...

Oh Leslie! She's so beautiful! And, I love the pronounciation. I was wondering about it. very cool.


Julie Zickefoose said...

What a wonder, what a joy, what an astonishment, to scroll down from Helena to you just before Helena. Oh what a wonderful thing, to see your four shining stars. She is glorious.