Friday, March 20, 2009

The Beauty of Color: Episode II

Ah, Bella and Kane are off to Nan and Pap's for the weekend, and Maxwell and Baylee (the little girl I babysit) are fast asleep, which gives me time to BLOG! My normal blogging time is after the kids are in bed, and with Max getting up every half hour to hour after I put him down, I haven't had the time to get on here lately. I also have been busting my behind getting this year's garden under way, planting, shovelling, expanding, double-digging... So that has eaten into any blogging time I might have during the day. Although I should be finishing my seed starting right now, or doing some much needed sewing/knitting, I decided to take a break from all that needed stuff to finish up my photos from our day of painting. I have so many other posts running around in my mind and so many pictures begging to get on here that I want to get these done so I can move on! Plus, with spring having sprung (happy first day of SPRING!), I am dying to get some of the color on here that is surrounding us outside. But as I sit at this cold computer desk, the color that I see is taped on the wall in front of me - a big piece of paper that was once white but was given a new life of color with hand and foot prints all over it and smears of every color everywhere. And it makes me smile.
This time around with our body painting, Kane was more subdued and reserved. He didn't like the thickness of the face paint, said it was too sticky, so he spent most of that phase of painting picking the dried paint off of his stomach. But once we got the paper out and put tons of color on the pallet, he let loose. He did some work with the brush, some with his hands, then he dove in with those bear-paw feet of his. He painted on some green - his new favorite color - then dipped in to the yellow the easy and more fun way.
Then it was time to put that color to work!
I look up right now at the paper to see his green and yellow foot prints and can almost feel the paint between my toes, cold and slippery.

Bella dove right in with smiley faces on her tummy and cat whiskers on her face. She has been pretending to be a cat a lot lately, and was happy to have a chance to put on whiskers and a black nose. Then it was time for color experimentation. Since there was no pink, her favorite color (duh), she had to make some, and was quite proud of how it turned out.

Then she just had to fill her belly button. I mean, come on, who could resist, right? It was the obvious choice.

When the black, white and red went on to fingers, she went from cat girl to spider man quickly.
Then it was back to being a cat. For that she needed to make paw prints, which required painted back paws.
Then she was on all fours stomping away, meowing with glee.

It was quite fun, and I didn't escape the color, either. Don't you worry. Someone had to take all the happy hugs Maxwell had to give and then carry him to the bathtub. I still even have some paint on my camera. And that shirt is a happy reminder of a colorful day.

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renee @ FIMBY said...

I simply cannot believe how adventurous you are let your kids do that. I'm way to uptight for this kind of art - way to go.

And thank you for your prayers. I so appreciate them and have been overwhelmed with all the kind words from everyone.